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Are your children safe in the case of a fire?

With the Fireskape safety ladder, the answer is yes.

How safe are your children?

Do you have a fire escape ladder in your bedrooms in case of a fire? If so, do your kids know where it is?  If they know where it is, do they know how to use it? If they know how to use it, would they be able to open the window in the event of a fire? Nearly 100% of the people we polled could not answer “yes” to all of these questions.  90% (or more) of the families we polled do not even own an escape ladder!

The Fireskape safety ladder provides a safe and effective exit for your children in case of a fire.


Built-In Safety Ladder

Fireskape’s toy box was invented with your kids safety in mind.  For many children just having an escape ladder stored in their closet or under their bed is not enough.  They want a clearly defined escape route when the need to escape a fire comes.  The precious time that is lost when trying to find an escape ladder could be the difference if your child escapes the fire at all!

Fireskape not only provides your children with the benefits of an escape ladder secured directly below a window/exit, but the bench also provides your children with the necessary boost that allows them to unlock the window.  The toy box can even  be mounted to the wall below a window assuring your children a safe & secure step to help them exit there room in the event of a fire.

Amish Built, Hand Crafted

Fireskape is a first of its kind fire safety system; the quality, handcrafted, Amish built furniture will satisfy even the most selective buyer.  Our hand-crafted, Amish built furniture will be a great addition to any style home and provide years of quality use.

We put the same effort in building your toy box as we would if we were building it for our own home.  Our builders take pride in knowing it will someday potentially help save the life of a child!

Peace of Mind for Parents!

The Fireskape toy box / window seat also provides the children with the added security of knowing that the ladder is securely located in the toy box and in the case of fire, your child will always know where to find the escape ladder. The bench also gives them the added boost of getting their body out the window and onto the escape ladder in a timely manner, giving them more time to escape the fire.