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About Fireskape

When my 10 year old daughter asked me, “Mommy, if there is a fire upstairs in my room, how will I get out?”;  I wanted to do anything I could to make her feel safe in her own bedroom. After buying just a simple escape ladder and actually trying it out, she and I both realized the ladder itself was not enough to help her escape a fire.  She was quick to point out that she could not reach the window lock, which led to us installing a window seat below her window.  Once that was done, we soon realized that untangling the emergency ladder after digging it out from under the bed for a 10 year old girl is no easy task, let alone for her younger siblings.  So. it made more sense to locate the ladder in the toy box below the window. But, once she began using the toy box for storage, the ladder was quickly buried by a combination of toys, books and blankets.  So, we decided to position the ladder in the toy box along the front wall of the box.  This allowed her to still use the toy box for storage, but also kept the ladder accessible should she ever need to use it.  And wallah, a secure escape ladder stored out of sight, but not out of mind! We provide a complete fire escape solution for your children, providing them and you with the security of knowing in the event of a fire they have an escape plan that will work!  I hope you will know that your children’s safety is very important to me!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about purchasing a toy box for you or one of your family members. Thank you, Stacy Outman