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Customize your Fireskape by choosing your unique combination of colors and other options.


Dark Truffel

Princess Pink

Little Boy Blue




Ladder Orientation:

You have the choice of having your Fireskape ladder mounted in the center, left side or right side of your toybox.  Please see below for more explanation.

Left or Right Side mounting:  If you have a small child that may need a “boost” to reach up and unlock the window; this option may be for you.  This option allows your child to open one side of the toybox that is exposing the Fireskape ladder while still being able to use the other half of the toy box lid (while closed) to stand on allowing them to reach the window lock.

Center mounting:  If you have older children (or you are a grown adult) that do not have a problem reaching the window lock, this option may be for you.  The ladder is mounted in the center of the toybox, allowing you to open both lids to get to the fire scape ladder.

Whichever ladder orientation you choose, you will have the peace and comfort in knowing that should a fire break out in your home your children – young and old will be able to escape.

Note:  Your window must be atleast 26″ wide to use the left or right side mounting for the Fireskape ladder.