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Fire Escape Planning

  • Get the entire family together and make a plan.  Go thru the entire house together and be certain everyone knows of at least 2 exits from every room.  Draw plan and distribute to every member of the  family.
  • Install Fireskape Window Seat / Toy Box in every bedroom of the home.  Having a escape ladder isn’t enough as most families would not know where to find it in the event of a fire.  And if they could find it, many children may have difficulty reaching to unlock the window and securing the ladder to the window sill.
  • Install smoke alarms in home outside every sleeping area and on every lever per standards set by local building codes.
  • Make certain that everyone in the household understands the plan.  After plan is developed, walk thru with all family members showing all escape routes.  Be sure all exits are free of anything that would not allow someone to escape.
  • Choose a place outside for all members of the family to meet (i.e. mailbox, neighbors house, stop sign, etc.)  This is critical to assure everyone is out of the house.
  • Are your house numbers visible?  This is critical so the fire department and first responders can find your home.
  • Have all family members memorize address and emergency numbers to call for help.  NEVER call for help from inside the home.  Go to the neighbors house or a cell phone once safely outside the house.
  • Do you have small children or elderly people living with you?  Be certain that someone is assigned to make sure these individuals are helped if necessary.
  • Be FULLY prepared for a fire if you hear the smoke alarm sound.  Many people loss valuable time thinking that it may be a false alarm and not reacting quickly enough.
  • STAY OUT of burning home!!  Under no circumstance are you to re-enter a burning home.  If someone is missing please notify the professionals and they can enter the home to save a family member.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.  Be sure all family members fully understand what to do in the event of a fire and practice with your family at least twice per year.

Facts and Figures…

  • ONLY 23% of households actually have a fire escape plan.
  • In 2010, there were 369,500 reported home structure fires.  (This number does not include apartment buildings).
  • According to a national survey only ONE out of every THREE households have actually developed and practiced a fire escape plan for their household.  Are you the ONE?