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When we first started telling people about our Fireskape toy box / window seat, we never realized how interested people were to hear they now had a common sense solution to an everyday problem.  We found many parents and children experienced the same fear of being caught in a fire and not being able to get out.  What we found was that no matter where people are from, and whether they live in their own home or rent; they all have in common the desire to have added protection in the event of fire.

It was refreshing to hear my daughters friends asking if their parents if they could get a Fireskape toy box / window seat for their room.  This is the type of feedback we have heard time and time again from folks all over once they see our product.

Our Fireskape product has attracted a lot of attention since its release in January 2013.  Below are just some of the press releases that appeared in the following publications and news outlets:

The links above are only a sample of the many print publication and television news outlets that picked up and published our press release.